Did lucid dreams copy sting?

In November 2018, producer Nick Mira revealed that Sting owned 85% of the rights to “Lucid Dreams,” which features an interpolation of his 1993 hit “Shape of My Heart”.

Is Lucid Dreams sampled from Sting?

Although Sting never had the opportunity to work with Juice, “Lucid Dreams” contains a reworked sample from Sting’s classic 1993 track “Shape of My Heart.” Following its release in May 2018, Sting returned to the top of Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart as a songwriter.

How much did Sting get from Lucid Dreams?

2 charting hit “Lucid Dreams” contains. A spokesperson for the musician states that those rumours are “simply untrue,” despite “Lucid Dreams” producer Nick Mira once stating that Sting collects 85% of the song’s royalties, and Sting himself stating that the song will “put his grandchildren through college.”

Who wrote Lucid Dreams Juice WRLD?

Juice WRLD used elements of the classic Sting song “Shape of My Heart” in his 2018 track “Lucid Dreams” and later had to give up 85 percent of the copyright to Sting and co-writer Dominic Miller. Sting described “Lucid Dreams” as a “beautiful interpretation that is faithful to the original song’s form.”

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Is Sting still suing Juice WRLD?

A spokesperson for Sting said the rumor that he was suing Juice WRLD for sampling his song was “simply untrue.” Sting has spoken about the unexpected passing of rapper Juice WRLD.

Is Nick Mira suing Juice WRLD?

Juice Wrld died on Dec. … Before Juice’s passing, pop-punk band Yellow Card sued the rapper for $15 million, claiming Juice and producer Nick Mira unlawfully sampled their 2006 song, “Holly Wood Died” for Juice’s breakout 2017 single, “Lucid Dreams.” They dropped the lawsuit six months after Juice’s death.

Why did Yellowcard sue Juice?

YYellowcard have dismissed their lawsuit against late rapper Juice WRLD (a.k.a. Jarad Higgins) over his 2018 hit “Lucid Dreams.” The pop-rock band filed a federal copyright infringement case against Higgins last October alleging that he lifted “melodic elements” of its 2006 song “Holly Wood Died” for his 2018 hit “ …

What is Juice WRLD’s last song?

A new version of the album’s final song “Man of the Year” was added in the track listing on July 14, 2020, just days after the album’s release.

Did juice write his own songs?

And I don’t write anything. I freestyle everything. So, it’s just my release. I have not written a song in a very long time.

Did Lucid Dreams go diamond?

“Lucid Dreams” (alternatively “Lucid Dreams (Forget Me)”) is a song by American rapper Juice Wrld. … In February 2022 the song was certified Diamond by RIAA for selling over 10 million units in the U.S.

How long did it take Juice WRLD to lucid dream?

Juice WRLD Wrote “Lucid Dreams” In Under 15 Minutes

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That quarter of an hour led to his triumphant nomination of an MTV Music Video Award and a track that went six times platinum.

Who owns the right to Juice WRLD’s music?

Outside of what Carmella makes from Juice WRLD’s music, the rest of the profits are split by Universal Music Group and Interscope Records, who both own stakes in his estate due to his recording contracts while he was alive.