Frequent question: What is an example of personification in the I Have a Dream Speech?

Continuing his use of personification, Dr. King accuses the United States of having ‘defaulted’ on this payment for African Americans: ‘America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked insufficient funds. ‘ The ‘bad check’ is perhaps the best example in the speech of Dr.

What are 4 forms of figurative language that Martin Luther King uses in his speech?

In that speech, MLK Jr. used several different types of figurative language/rhetorical devices in order to convey his message to the people on a deeper level. These devices include personification, allusion, symbolism, hyperbole, metaphor, simile, and anaphora.

What is an example of hyperbole in the I have a dream speech?

Let freedom ring from every hill and molehill of Mississippi. We could call this example hyperbole, because King is using lots of “alls” and “every”s. But this hyperbole belies a seriousness; he believes that true justice will only come when every person believes in freedom for all.

What is an example of a simile in I have a dream speech?

“we will not be satisfied until “justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.” This simile enhances the speech because it shows how much justice and righteousness MLK jr. wants.

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What literary devices are used in the I have a dream speech?

In “I Have a Dream”, Martin Luther King Jr. extensively uses repetitions, metaphors, and allusions. Other rhetorical devices that you should note are antithesis, direct address, and enumeration.

How does Martin Luther King use rhetoric in his I Have a Dream Speech?

He uses symbolism, metaphorical imagery, and powerful diction to create an impact on the audience. These rhetorical strategies demonstrate ethos, pathos, and logos to help the audience understand Martin Luther King Jr’s message and purpose. … At this point this speech is already creating an appeal of pathos.

What are some metaphors used in the I Have a Dream Speech?

By far the most common metaphors used in the speech are those of nature. Dr. King uses metaphors of mountains, valleys, deserts, oases, stones, solid rocks, quicksand, islands, oceans, waters, streams, wind, whirlwinds, and storms.

What are some examples of parallelism in the I Have a Dream Speech?

Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is one very famous example of parallel structure: I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

How is logos used in I Have a Dream Speech?

Martin Luther king uses logos through out his whole speech, “I have a Dream”. To make the audience know that they have not been given equal opportunities, equal rights, and the respect that the white people get. … Throughout his speech, his audience responds to him by applauding with agreement.

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