Quick Answer: What episode does the dream SMP Roleplay start?

When did the Dream SMP roleplay start?

The Dream SMP or DSMP was started in May 2020 and is an invite-only server that features 33 of the top Minecraft content creators like Thomas “TommyInnit” Simons, “Wilbur Soot” Gold, and George “GeorgeNotFound” Davidson.

Is the Dream SMP just roleplay?

The Dream SMP (sometimes abbreviated as the DSMP) is an invite-only survival multiplayer (SMP) Minecraft server. Created by YouTubers Dream and GeorgeNotFound, it stars them and fellow Minecraft content creators who roleplay as fictionalized versions of themselves within a loose overarching storyline.

Where can I watch Dream SMP roleplay?

There is a channel on Youtube called Blueberry TV that breaks up what happens on the smp and turns them into episodes. They have a playlist called: Dream SMP Episodes In Order.

Is the Dream SMP roleplay scripted?

Yes it’s scripted, but it runs on mostly improv (as stated by Tubbo and Ranboo during a stream) and no, there is no way to get the script to the Dream SMP.

When did Tubbo join SMP?

Tubbo joined the Dream SMP on July 7, 2020.

How old is Dreamwastaken?

Philza, also known as Phil, is the twenty fifth member of the Dream SMP, joining on November 16, 2020, counting Mexican Dream making him the twenty sixth member. He is a former L’Manberg resident and a member of the Syndicate. He is the father of Wilbur Soot and grandfather of Fundy.

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How old is DropsByPonk?

Drops By Ponk (born: April 18, 2000 (2000-04-18) [age 21]), or simply Ponk, is a South African-English YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for playing on the Dream SMP.

What does DSMP mean Dream?

Dream SMP (SMP stands for “survival multiplayer,” a type of Minecraft server) was created by a YouTuber who goes by Dream. Over the last 18 months, Dream has invited other Twitch streamers and YouTube personalities — including TommyInnit, Tubbo, GeorgeNotFound, Punz, and several more — to join in.

Where does Dreamwastaken live now?

He lives in the city of Orlando, Florida with his cat Patches & his best friend Sapnap. He is agnostic.

What does SMP mean?


Acronym Definition
SMP Statutory Maternity Pay
SMP Scalp Micropigmentation (hair loss)
SMP Survival Multi-Player (video game)
SMP Significant Market Power (European telecommunications market)

Is Dream A Millionaire?

Short answer: It’s impossible to know for sure unless Dream shares the exact numbers with his fans, but estimates are between $3 million and $5 million. … YouTuber Splenko breaks down Dream’s earnings through a combination of YouTube ad revenue and merch sales, as well as Patreon subscriptions.

What are Canon deaths on Dream SMP?

Canon deaths on the Dream SMP

A canon death on the Dream Minecraft SMP takes one of the three lives away from any player. However, canon deaths can only happen during important events. Players might also be resurrected from the dead, but this is yet to happen.

Why did Tommy get exiled in the Dream SMP?

TommyInnit joined the server on July 4, 2020. When he first joined the server, he threatened to not follow the rules of the SMP, causing him to be banished to a remote area. After being allowed back in, he walked around the server and started claiming every building as his own before he built his base.

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