What is the seed for Dream’s SMP?

People who are interested in playing in and exploring the Dream SMP Minecraft seed are free to do so. All players need to do is go and create a new Java Edition world and use the seed: 5826025064014972987. Best of luck and enjoy the seed!

What is the Dream SMP server seed?

Dream SMP seed: 5826025064014972987 the coordinates of the community house is X: 250, Z: -250 i will update with more coords soon if anyone is going to use it :] (remember, this will only work on JAVA edition!)

What is the dream seed?

The Dream Seed is a series of books and videos written by Joey O to show children of all ages that what we plant in our minds can and always will grow. Joey O has created his own reality and fulfilled his dream as a unique entertainer.

What is the Dream SMP code?

Use invite code: DCP7gHnKThE.

What version of Minecraft does the Dream SMP play on?

On Tuesday, 30 November 2021, the Dream Survival-Multiplayer (Dream SMP) officially implemented a portal that leads to a new world updated to the latest version of the game, Minecraft 1.18.

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How do I get SMP seeds?

If you can get inside the map, you can use the “/seed” command to find out the seed. @Yamikuronue The seed command is only available to ops.

What is the seed for herobrine?

Seed: 478868574082066804. Version: Java Alpha 1.0. 16_02. Alpha coordinates: X=5.06 Y=71 (72.62 eye pos) Z=-298.54.

What is Dream’s FOV?

Though not confirmed, his FOV is about 90, and his sensitivity is estimated to be around 80 percent. Dream also frequently plays Minecraft with subtitles on, which users can turn on in Music & Sounds in the options menu.

What is the Dream SMP IP address?

The server IP address for DREAM SMP is de2.mcworld.cc.

How do I contact a Dream?

+1 407-214-5333″ / Twitter.

How old is Dream now?

Clay (born: August 12, 1999 (1999-08-12) [age 22]), better known online as Dream (also known as DreamWasTaken, formerly DreamTraps, GameBreakersMC), is an American YouTuber and vocalist known for his Minecraft collaborations and manhunts.

When did Tommy join Dream SMP?

While consistently uploading SkyBlock-related content, his TommyInnit channel rapidly increased its subscriber count from 4,800 to 66,000. On 4 July 2020, Simons joined the Dream SMP, a roleplay-focused Minecraft server run by eponymous YouTuber Dream.