Best answer: What does the name Yaneli mean for a girl?

The meaning of Yaneli is ‘Prideful, accepts nothing less than the best..’ Its Pronunciation is yanELI. Yaneli Origin / Usage is ‘ English Baby Names ‘ . This name is especially approved for ‘Girls’ Gender.

Is Yaneli a rare name?

Yaneli was the 1732nd most popular girls name. In 2020 there were 115 baby girls named Yaneli. 1 out of every 15,226 baby girls born in 2020 are named Yaneli.

How do you pronounce Yaneli?

The name Yaneli can pronounced as “Yah-NEH-lee” in text or letters. Yaneli is bay girl name, main origion is . English meanings of Yaneli is “” and popular in Christian religion.

What is a lucky name for a girl?

Names for Girls

Names Meaning
Bhagyashree Lucky, Goddess Lakshmi
Bhagyashri Goddess of Fortune, Lucky
Dhanushri Holy cow, Lucky
Eshma Honey, Lucky

What name means perfect for a girl?

68 Baby Girl Names That Mean Perfect

Aimiah perfect Girl
Anilaja The name which means she is the perfect and beautiful one Girl
Anjaka A perfect and decorated individual Girl
Arieanna Powerful and perfect,complete Girl

Where did the name Yaneli come from?

Spanish (Yáñez): patronymic from a variant of the personal name Juan, Spanish equivalent of John. Compare Ibanez. Americanized spelling of Slovenian Janež, a derivative of the personal name Janez, Latin Iohannes (see John).

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What are girl names that start with Q?

Top baby girl names that start with Q

Quinn Queen
Quincy Quinley
Quinnley Quetzalli
Quetzaly Queenie
Quin Quincey

What is a rare name for a girl?

Uncommon Baby Girl Names

  • Paola.
  • Cora.
  • Maya.
  • Brea.
  • Fleur.
  • Alena.
  • Meara.
  • Amiah.

What name means love?

Along with Esme and Amara, other top girl names that mean love include Mila, Amy, Amanda, Mabel, and Philippa. Top boy names that mean love include Rhys, Philip, Lev, and Hart. Names that mean love or beloved in languages other than English include Carys, Querida, Rudo, and Sajan.

What girl name means sky?

Celeste (Italian Origin), meaning “of the sky, heavenly”.

What girl name means fire?

Girl Names That Mean Fire

  • Abenanka, Ainu, means “fire”
  • Aguya, Kalmyk and Russian, means “mistress of fire”
  • Alinta, Indigenous Australian and Nyari, means “fire, flame”
  • Anala, Hindi, means “fire”
  • Bedelia, Celtic Mythology, Celtic goddess of fire.
  • Bridget, Irish, ancient goddess of fire.
  • Electra, Greek, means “firey sun”

What girl name means angel?

ANGELINA. Variation(s): Angela, Angel, Angelica, and Angelique. These names, listed in order of popularity, all signify what an angel a little girl is. The most popular option, Angelina, has a little star power in actress Jolie and Jersey Shore’s Pivarnick.

What girl name means gift from God?

Hence, they often go for a name that means ‘gift from God’.

Names for Girls.

Name Meaning
Diha Gift of God; hermit
Dorothy Gift of God
Gia God’s gracious gift
Gurdita A Punjabi name meaning gift of Guru