Question: What does the name Elana mean?

The meaning of Elana is ‘torch’ or ‘beautiful’. The name Elana is of Spanish origin. Its Hebrew meaning is ‘tree’ and according to its Greek origin, the meaning of the name Elana is ‘bright and shining’.

What does Elana stand for?

Elana means “tree” in Hebrew and “torch”, “beautiful”, “light”, “bright” and “shining” in Greek.

Is Elana a rare name?

How common is the name Elana for a baby born in 2020? Elana was the 1827th most popular girls name. In 2020 there were 106 baby girls named Elana. 1 out of every 16,519 baby girls born in 2020 are named Elana.

What is the meaning of the name Elena?

Save to list. Girl. Spanish, Italian. Italian and Spanish form of Helen, which is from the Greek Helene meaning “torch” or “light” or selene, meaning “moon”.

What is the meaning of the name Elaina?

SHARE. A variation of Elaine and Elena, this name means “bright, shining light” in Greek, which is fitting for a child who will probably shine a flashlight in your face and wake you up at sunrise on Saturdays.

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How do you say the name Elana?

Phonetic spelling of Elana

  1. EEE-LAH-NAH. 1 rating rating ratings.
  2. eh-l-ah-n-ah.
  3. elana. Andy Johns.

How do you spell Elana in Hebrew?

עלנה; אלענה

  1. Meaning: Oak tree (similar to Ilan or Ilana); God answered (similar to Eliana)
  2. Gender: Female.
  3. Alternate Spellings: Alona, Ilana, Alanna.
  4. Eliana. , Alanna.

How do you spell Elana?

An alternative spelling of Elena, Elaina is a Greek name meaning shining light.

  1. Elaina Name Origin: Greek.
  2. Pronunciation: el-ay-nah.
  3. See what 10 people think about Elaina.

What does Elena mean in the Bible?

Elena is Hebrew Girl name and meaning of this name is “Light, Sun Ray, Shining”.

Is Elena a pretty name?

Elena is very much a sweet spot name, remaining a familiar face that’s not too popular. She’s easy to say and pronounce, a simple choice for parents looking for something common but not overused. … As E names for girls continue to dot the charts, Elena is in great company.

What are the most unique girl names?

If you would like a name with a pretty sound, these unique girl names surely fit the bill.

  • Annalise. A combination of the name Anna and Lise, this name is simple, pretty, and unique. …
  • Calista. This name is the feminine form of Callistus, which means “most beautiful” in Greek. …
  • Enya. …
  • Allegra. …
  • Avalon. …
  • Aaliyah.

Is Elaine an Irish name?

Elaine is Irish Girl name and meaning of this name is “Mother of Lancelot”.

What does the name Eleanor mean?

An intellectual-sounding name of French and Greek origins, Eleanor is an English variation of the Provençal name Alienor. It means “light-hearted” or “shining light” and has been associated with successful women from the Whitehouse to the silver screen, and many places in between.

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