Quick Answer: What does the name parvana mean?

Meaning of Parvana: Name Parvana in the Persian origin, means A butterfly; naughty and amazing. Name Parvana is of Persian origin and is a Girl name.

What is the meaning of Parthiv?

Name Parthiv generally means Earthly or Prince of earth, is of Indian origin, Name Parthiv is a Masculine (or Boy) name. Person with name Parthiv are mainly Hindu by religion.

What does Saivi mean?

Meaning of Saivi: Name Saivi in the Indian origin, means Prosperity. Name Saivi is of Indian origin and is a Girl name. People with name Saivi are usually Hindu by religion.

What is meaning of Parth name in Marathi?

Meaning. Name given by Lord Krishna to Arjun The person who never misses his target.

What is meaning of Parthiv in Gujarati?

Parthiv is Gujarati Boy name and meaning of this name is “Prince of Earth; Earthy; King”.

What is the root word of auspicious?

Auspicious comes from Latin auspex, which literally means “bird seer” (from the words avis, meaning “bird,” and specere, meaning “to look at”). … The English noun auspice, which originally referred to this practice of observing birds to discover omens, also comes from Latin auspex.

What did Arjun called Krishna?

Arjuna was called Krishna too. This name came to him because of Lord Siva. The latter, when He gave Arjuna the Pasupatastra, addressed him as “Krishna.” He said that since Arjuna was Krishna’s favourite, seeing him reminded one of Krishna.

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