What does name Flora mean?

Latin. From the Latin word flos, meaning “flower”. Flora is a name of a goddess of flowers and season of springs in Roman Mythology.

Is Flora a good name?

This name is gorgeous, great as a short form of Florence, or (less pretty in my opinion) as a long form of Floss, Flossie, Flo etc. I love that it means flower, as though a bearer of the name will be as pretty and delicate and sweet as a flower. Flora Ellen.

What is the biblical meaning of the name Flora?

Flora is Hebrew Girl name and meaning of this name is “Flower, The Goddess of Flower”.

What name is Flora short for?

Flora Origin and Meaning

Florence, Fiorella, Fleur, and Flower are translations, but we like Flora best of all. Flora was a Top 100 name in the 1880’s and 1890’s, but gradually descended until it finally fell off the list in 1972. It is still popular in some European countries, including Hungary and France.

Is Flora a girl name?

The name Flora is primarily a female name of Latin origin that means Flowering.

Is Flora a Mexican name?

Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian: from the female personal name Flora.

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Is Flora an Irish name?

BLÁTH, genitive -áithe, Flora; an ancient Irish name, meaning ‘blossom,’ or ‘flower-bud’; borne by two virgin saints. Latin — Flora.

What does flora mean in Italian?

noun. flora [noun] the plants of a district or country as a whole.

Is flora a Scottish name?

The name Flora is that of a Roman goddess of flowers and spring, whose name is related to flos, the Latin name for flowers. In Scotland, however, Flora was the anglicized form of the Gaelic Fionnaghal, and is the feminine form of Fingal and Finn.

Who is the goddess flora?

Flora, in Roman religion, the goddess of the flowering of plants. Titus Tatius (according to tradition, the Sabine king who ruled with Romulus) is said to have introduced her cult to Rome; her temple stood near the Circus Maximus. Her festival, called the Floralia, was instituted in 238 bc.

Is flora a first name?

Flora is a feminine given name.

Is flora a Greek name?

Flora is not only a goddess but also a Latin word that means “flower.” Before she was a Roman goddess, Flora was a Greek goddess by the name of Khloris, and in Greek that doesn’t mean “flower” but it does mean “green,” which is why the green stuff in leaves is called chlorophyll.

Is flora a Latin name?

Flora means “flower” in Latin, and Flora was the Roman goddess of spring and flowering plants, especially wildflowers and plants not raised for food.

Is flora short for Florence?

13 Nicknames For Florence:

Flori. Flora. Floss. Flossie.

Is flora a German name?

Flora. is both a boy’s and girl’s name. It comes of Latin origin, and the meaning is like that “flower, flowering, in bloom”.

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Is flora a Hungarian name?

Hungarian (Flóra): from the female personal name Flóra (see Florence). …