What does the name Adelaida mean?

ad(e)-laida. Origin:German. Popularity:4755. Meaning:noble kind.

Where does the name Adelaida come from?

Adelaide is the English form of a Germanic given name, from the Old High German Adalheidis, meaning “noble natured”. The modern German form is Adelheid, famously the first name of Queen Adelaide, for whom many places throughout the former British Empire were named.

Adelaide (given name)

Region of origin World wide
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What does the name Finley mean?

Boy. Scottish, Irish. Finn is a name of Gaelic derivation and means “blond warrior”. Pronounced: f IHn lee. Traditionally a popular surname, Finley has since become a first name in its own right, along with similar names such as Mason and Jackson.

What does the name Cressida mean?

Save to list. Girl. Greek. From the Greek Khyryseis meaning “gold”.

Is Adelaida a name?

as a name for girls is of Old German derivation, and Adelaida means “noble kind”. Adelaida is an alternate form of Adelaide (Old German): from adal heid.

Is Adelaida a Spanish name?

Meaning & History

Spanish form of Adelaide.

Is Finley a rare name?

Finley is a popular given name both in the US and the UK. In the US, it is more common for girls (it is ranked 279th most common name for boys), but in the UK it is primarily a male name, ranking as the 35th most common boy name in 2016.

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What is a nickname for Finley?

Nicknames for Finley

Fynn Is Currently A Somewhat Popular Boy’s Name. Finney. Phinneas. Finny Cakes. Lee.

Does Finley mean warrior?

The name Finlee means “fair, white warrior”. Finlee is an alternate spelling of Finlay (Scottish, Gaelic).

What does the name Cassia mean?

A girl’s name of Greek origin, the meaning of Cassia is ‘cinnamon’. Cassia is related to the cassia tree, a tree with yellow flowers which produces a spice. A variant form of the name Acacia, Cassie also means ‘thorny tree’.

Is Celeste a name?

Celeste or Céleste is a given name or surname which derives from the Latin caelestis, meaning heavenly or celestial.

How old is the name Cressida?

The name has been used infrequently in Britain since the 17th century. One of the earliest examples is Cressida St John (also recorded as Cresset or Cressitt) whose birth is thought to have been around 1570.