What does the name Devon mean?

a. The name Devon has Celtic origins and the meaning of Devon is ‘devnent’, which means ‘deep valley dwellers’ and ‘defender’. Historically it has been used by families descended from Celtic tribes. It can also be traced back to having Irish roots from the name ‘Devin’, which is Gaelic for “poet”.

What is the origin of the name Devon?

English: regional name for someone from the county of Devon. In origin, this is from an ancient British tribal name, Latin Dumnonii, perhaps meaning ‘worshipers of the god Dumnonos’. Irish (County Louth): variant of Devine.

Is Devon a good name?

Devon Origin and Meaning

A stylish ambi-gender name particularly well used in the early nineties, Devon remains an attractive option–though be aware that at this point in time, it is used more frequently for boys.

Is the name Devon Irish?

Devin is a unisex English-language given name, of many origins. One origin for Devin is from the surname Devin, which is an anglicization of the Irish patronymic Ó Damháin.

Devin (name)

Word/name Irish, Celtic, Latin
Meaning fawn, poet, divine
Other names
Variant form(s) Devyn, Devynne, Devinne, Devan, Deavan/Deaven, Deven
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What does the name Devon mean for a girl?

Meaning of Devon

Devon is the name of a beautiful county in the Southwest of England, also known as Devonshire. The name may mean “defender”, and refer to the Celtic inhabitants who defended the area from Anglo-Saxon invaders during the dark ages.

What does Devon mean in the Bible?

In the Bible, Devon is seen in ‘Revelations 4:4’ to mean ‘judgement’. Though it was traditionally given as a surname, it started to become popular in England as a first name. It is thought that this was inspired by Devon County, which is situated in South West England.

How old is the name Devon?

The male name Devon first appeared on the U.S. popularity charts in 1960, so this is a name only 50 years old in America.

Is Devon a pretty name?

Devon Origin and Meaning

The name Devon is a girl’s name of English origin. This spelling of Devon, as opposed to Devin or Devan, makes it a pretty and popular British place-name, evoking the beautiful county of farmlands and dramatic seascapes and moors in southwest England.

How does Devon feel about his nickname?

Why is Devon frustrated by the nickname “Jump Shot?” Because he is not as good at basketball as Diondra, and he’s embarrassed about that. Because he knows that people who call him that only see him as a basketball player. … Basketball.

How many Devins are there in the world?

In 2020 there were 789 baby boys and only 68 baby girls named Devin. 1 out of every 2,321 baby boys and 1 out of every 25,751 baby girls born in 2020 are named Devin.

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What does the name Devaughn mean?

Devaughn has the numerology 8. The gender of this name Devaughn is Boy. … The meaning of this name is Small.

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