What Japanese name means truth?

Seiko means “truth” in Japanese.

What names mean truth?

The Top Names That Mean Truth

  • Alason. This wonderful boy’s name of Scottish origin was adopted from the Greek name ‘Allison. …
  • Alethea. …
  • Alette. …
  • Alvaro. …
  • Amnon. …
  • Arash. …
  • Daishin. …
  • Denice.

What Japanese name means honesty?

The name Naoki is primarily a male name of Japanese origin that means Honest, Straight.

What is the rarest Japanese name?

Kiyoko is the rarest name on this list. It roughly translates to “pure child,” but can have different meanings depending on which Kanji characters parents choose.

What name means real?

The name True is primarily a female name of English origin that means Real, Genuine.

What boy name means truth?

198 Baby Boy Names That Mean Truth

Amnon Arabic – Faithful, Trustworthy, Truthful; A variant of name Amin Islam
Angosin The one who is in search of hidden truth
Arash A bright, truthful boy
Arash Truthfulness and righteousness. It’s also the name of a famous archer of ancient Iran. Zoroastrianism

Is truth a boy name?

The name Truth is a boy’s name. True has become an accepted first and middle name; Truth makes an even stronger statement.

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What does the name Tadashi mean?

The name Tadashi is primarily a male name of Japanese origin that means Faithful, Proper, History.

What does the name Akira mean?

a-ki-ra. Origin:Japanese. Popularity:1889. Meaning:bright, clear, ideal.

Is Keiko a girl or boy name?

Keiko is a feminine Japanese given name.

Keiko (given name)

Gender Female
Word/name Japanese
Meaning Depends on the kanji used
Region of origin Japan

What does izana mean in Japanese?

From the stem of verb 誘う (izanau) meaning “to invite, ask (someone to do), call (for); to tempt, lure, entice.” Fictional bearers of this name include Izana Shinatose (科戸瀬 イザナ) from the manga and anime series ‘Knights of Sidonia’ and Izana Kunagiri (イザナ・クナギリ) from action role-playing game ‘Final Fantasy Type-0’.

What Japanese name means evil?

Aku meaning “evil”. 46. Akuma meaning “demon”. It is the name of Satan in Japanese.

What Japanese name means blood moon?

A Blood Mood is the phenomenon of the moon looking red during a total lunar eclipse. Total lunar eclipse in Japanese is 皆既月食 or kaiki gesshoku. Atmospheric conditions sometimes make the moon look red, and that’s figuratively called “blood moon.”

What girl name means truth?

117 Baby Girl Names That Mean Truth

Alethea Truthful One, Honest Greek
Alethia Truthful, Truthfulness
Alette Verity, truth, reality, actuality
Alice Truth, gracious, reality

What is the most rare name?

Most unusual baby names of 2019

  • Windy.
  • Vin’nyla.
  • Velvette.
  • Starlette.
  • Snowdrop.
  • Sianna-Marie.
  • Panda.
  • Charmayanne.

What names mean honest?

213 Baby Names Meaning Honest

Alethea Truthful One, Honest Greek
Aletheia Honesty,
Aletia Honest, candid, sincere Spanish
Alicah Noble; Kind, Honest
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