Which name means life?

1. Aoife. Aoife in Hebrew means life and in Irish it means ‘one who gives life’, it is also the Irish form of Eve, one of the earliest names in human evolution.

What Greek name means life?

Zoe (Greek origin), meaning “life.” Actress Zoe Kazan is among the famous name bearers.

What name means long life?

1. Adnan (Arabic) Meaning ‘eternal settlement’, he is immortal and enduring. 2. Amar (Arabic) Amar is an Arabic baby boy’s name that means long life.

What name means breath of life?

Avalyn is such a sophisticated and gorgeous name. It makes sense that the origins are Old English and its meaning is “beautiful breath of life.” Plus the nickname potential of Ava or Lyn is too gorgeous to pass up.

What name means creator of life?

119 Baby Names That Mean Creator

Kadavul God; Supreme Being; Lord; Creator of life; Ruler and Emperor of all beings in Universe Boy
Karoon A varaint spelling of name Karun which means maker, creator in Sanskrit Boy
Khaaliq The name means The Creator Boy
Khalique The name means The Creator Boy
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What name means new life?

Raanana: This lovely Hebrew name, with double ‘a’, would make a unique name for your little princess. Meaning ‘fresh and new’, the name signifies the new beginnings in life.

What girl name means life?

Girl Names That Mean Life

  • Aisha. Meaning: Arabic. Origin: life.
  • Aizza. Origin: Hebrew. Meaning: life.
  • Alba. Origin: Spanish, Italian. Meaning: dawn, new life.
  • Anastasia. Origin: Russian. Meaning: resurrection, new life.
  • Aoibbhe. Origin: English. …
  • Aoife. Origin: Irish. …
  • Asha. Origin: Swahili. …
  • Aurora. Origin: Ancient Roman.

What name means gift from God?

When looking for a name for a baby, some parents like to opt for names that mean ‘a gift from God’ and with good reason. After all, babies are truly a gift – a blessing from God.

Names for Boys.

Name Meaning
Attam A gift from God
Avishai A gift from God
Avitaj God’s gift
Ayaan A gift from God; rays of the rising sun

What name means timekeeper?

Baby Girl Name: Horatia. Meaning: Timekeeper. Origin: Latin.

What name means Survivor?

6. Brianna (F) (Celtic origin) means “strength and survivor”.

What name means life and death?

Persephone – The name of the Queen of the underworld and the goddess of death in Greek mythology. Shivani – Hindi for “life and death.” Tanda – Native American for “the seer of life and death.”

What name means angel?

Without further ado, here are 35 of the best angelic names for your baby girl:

  • Agnola. The female name ‘Agnola’ is a Greek, Italian origin name that in Greek means “angel,” and its meaning is “pure” and “virginal” in Italian. …
  • Alya. …
  • Angel. …
  • Angelica. …
  • Angelina. …
  • Ariel. …
  • Batya. …
  • Céline.
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What name means nature?

Pretty nature names from pretty plants

  • Blossom. The burst of flowers in spring.
  • Juniper.
  • Olivia. It means ‘olive tree’ in Latin and takes its popularity in English from William Shakespeare.
  • Hazel. One of the more popular girl nature names, it’s the name of the hazelnut tree.
  • Rose or Rosa, or even Rosetta. …
  • Iris.
  • Sage.
  • Daisy.

What does the name Aurora mean?

Aurora is a mystical and romantic name that means “dawn” in Latin. An aurora also refers to a natural light display in the Earth’s sky called the aurora polaris, or polar lights, visible only in high-latitude regions like the North and South Poles.

What baby name means hope?

Esperanza, (Latin origin), a baby girl name meaning “to hope”.

What names mean a gift?

Baby names meaning Miracle, Blessing, Gift

  • Beatris (means “blessed, happy” in Latin)
  • Benedict / Benedicta (means “blessed” in Latin)
  • Gwen / Wendy (means “fair, blessed” in Welsh)
  • Darina (means “gift” in Slavic)
  • Dorothea / Theodore (means “gift from God” in Greek)
  • Jesse (means “gift” in Hebrew)