Your question: What does the name Rafaela mean?

r(a)-fae-la. Origin:Portuguese. Popularity:5726. Meaning:God has healed.

What nationality is the name Rafaela?

The name Rafaela is a girl’s name of Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese origin meaning “God has healed”.

Is Rafaela a rare name?

Rafaela: Spanish and Portuguese

You’ll hear it in Portugal and Brazil. It rank among Chile’s most popular baby names. … Despite all of this attention, just 45 girls were given the name in 2016.

Is Rafaela a common name?

Rafaela is the most common spelling, followed by Rafaella. But perhaps surprisingly, none of the various spellings are in the US Top 1000. Jemima Kirke used the Rafaella spelling for her daughter.

How do you spell the girl’s name Rafaela?

Spell it Rafaela (Spanish), Raffaella (Italian), Rafaela (German), or Raphaela (Hebrew), this is a euphonious and lovely name with a dark-eyed, long-flowing-haired image, which is, like Gabriella and Isabella, beginning to be drawn into the American mainstream.

What does Rafaela mean in Hebrew?

Meaning of Rafaela

Rafaela means “God heals” (from “rafa” = to heal + “el/אֵל” = God).

What name means god has healed?

Panacea (Greek), after Panacea, the goddess of healing, and it means “all-healing.” 52. Rafaela (Spanish), meaning “god heals.” 53.

What does Rafaela mean in the Bible?

Meaning:God has healed.

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