Your question: What does the name Sabrina mean?

The name Sabrina is primarily a female name of Latin origin that means From The River Severn. Latin name of the river Severn in the United Kingdom. Sabrina the teenage witch, popular comic book and TV character.

Is Sabrina a biblical name?

Sabrina is Hebrew Girl name and meaning of this name is “From the Border, Sword like”.

Is Sabrina a good name?

It was the 789th most popular name for girls born in the United States in 1954, and rose to the 245th most popular name in 1955. Dunkling (1983) notes that “[i]n the U.S. Sabrina has tended to displace Sabina since [the 1950s].” … The name was ranked as the 427th most popular name for U.S.-born girls in 2018.

Is Sabrina a unique name?

Taken from the River Severn located in Wales, that was originally called Habren. In Celtic legend, Sabrina was a princess who drowned in the Severn.

Baby Name: Sabrina.

meaning Border line
ends with A
nicknames Brina

Is Sabrina a German name?

Sabrina is German Girl name and meaning of this name is “From the Border, Sword like”.

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What religion is the name Sabrina?

Sabrina Name – Meaning & Details

Name Sabrina
Religion Christian
Gender Girl
Meaning Princess
Add to favourite 218

What is short for Sabrina?

Common Nicknames for Sabrina: Brina.

Is Sabrina a witch name?

The name Sabrina is a girl’s name of Celtic origin. Sabrina, the bewitchingly radiant name of a legendary Celtic goddess, is best known as the heroine of the eponymous film, originally played by Audrey Hepburn, and later as a teenage TV witch; it would make a distinctive alternative to the ultrapopular Samantha.

What year was the name Sabrina popular?

Sabrina debuted on the US popularity charts in 1953, and one year later, with the release of the Audrey Hepburn film, shot up 550 places. It reached the Top 100 in 1977 and hovered in and around the Top 100 until the late 90’s when its popularity began to decline.

Is Sabrina an Islamic name?

Sabrina is baby girl name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Sabrina name meanings is White rose, Princess.

What does Samantha mean?

noun. a female given name: from an Aramaic word meaning “listener.”

How do you pronounce Sabrina?

Break ‘sabrina’ down into sounds: [SUH] + [BREE] + [NUH] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

What are the most unique girl names?

If you would like a name with a pretty sound, these unique girl names surely fit the bill.

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  • Allegra. …
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  • Aaliyah.
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What town is Sabrina?

The series’ premise is that Sabrina, a “half-witch” – her mother is an ordinary human, or “mortal” as witches refer to them, while her father is a warlock – lives with her two aunts, Hilda and Zelda Spellman, both witches themselves, in the fictional town of Greendale, which is located somewhere near Riverdale, the …

What is the meaning of Sabrina in Urdu?

Sabrina name meaning in Urdu is “ملکہ٬ شہزادی، بادشاہ کی بیٹی،شہزادی”. In English, Sabrina name meaning is “Legendary Princess.”.

What is the meaning of Sabrina in Islam?

Sabrina name meaning is Legendary Princess. It is a Muslim Girl name with lucky number 1. Sabrina is an Arabic name that is widely popular in all Muslim countries.