What is Khun Paen amulet for?

Khun Phaen also used a love formula to attract women. Thus, one of the main functions of Khun Phaen is to enhance human relationships: personal relationships, marriage and heterosexual relationships. Also, it helps to enhance career success.

Can I wear 2 Thai amulets?

Is it possible to wear several amulets at the same time? Yes you can wear as many as you feel comfortable. There is no restrictions and you can wear amulets in even numbers too.

What is a Takrut amulet?

Takrut (Thai: ตะกรุด) is a type of tubular amulet that originated from Thailand. It is also known as “Tangkai” in other cultures. The takrut is similar to a talisman (Arabic: طلسم / transliterated: tilasim). The word Takrut, is used for both Singular and Plural, although many people do add an ‘s’ (Takruts).

What is Phra Rod?

Phra Rod is the most famous among the Lamphun Province amulets. It was created by a hermit and discovered at Wat Mahawan during the King Rama V reign. The name of this amulet came from the hermit name, “Narata Rorsee” and later changed to “NaRod.” After it was discovered at Wat Mahawan, people called it “Phra Rod.”

Which Thai amulet is the best?

Phra Somdej (Thai: พระสมเด็จ) amulets are the “king of amulets”, also known as “lucky amulets”. Each amulet collector must have one and it is the best and foremost choice for the new believer in Thai amulets. Para Somdej has the noblest status in Buddhism.

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How do I get rid of Kuman thong?

When someone is no longer able to care for a kuman thong in the proper fashion, he or she can dispose of it at a temple.