Why do we need spiritual guru?

Not only your Guru will help you in the spiritual journey but will also guide you in your household life — he will give you intuition powers to decide what is good and what is bad for your life, he will give you powers to decide what path to take which will benefit your soul and he will guide you which path to avoid, …

Is it necessary to have a spiritual guru?

No. There is no requirement to have a guru, though most Hindu traditions hold that having a guru is immensely beneficial for one’s spiritual knowledge and advancement. In other words, while you do not have to have a guru to reach enlightenment, it’s easier with a guru.

Why do we need a living guru?

A living guru is of this world and can explain things to you through the ways of this world in its current form. He conveys how we can progress spiritually alongside progressing in our external world. A living guru’s teachings are compatible with the kind of life we lead in that particular era.

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Do you need a guru to awaken?

No. A spiritual master or guru is not required to awaken. One may help, but not required.

What do you understand by a spiritual guru?

A guru is a spiritual teacher and leader, particularly in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. … The noun guru is a Sanskrit word which also means “weighty,” or “grave.” A guru might teach you about meditation and compassion, or how to live your life according to certain precepts and truths.

Do you need guru for meditation?

As Lahiri Mahasaya said, “Solve all problems through meditation.” And no, you do not need a guru in order to practice meditation. However, a guru is certainly a great help — not only for more-successful meditation, but for more success in dealing with life’s challenges.

What was the role of guru in pupils lives?

A GURU or a teacher sets the tone of the classroom and creates an environment friendly to the pupils so that they can learn easily.

Who is guru in our life?

In pan-Indian traditions, a guru is more than a teacher: traditionally, the guru is a reverential figure to the disciple (or shisya in Sanskrit, literally seeker [of knowledge or truth]) or student, with the guru serving as a “counselor, who helps mold values, shares experiential knowledge as much as literal knowledge, …

How do you respect your guru?

Originally Answered: How do I respect my teacher? I telling about what I am thinking about teacher and guru.

  1. Show the students respect. Praise in public, reprimand in private. …
  2. Care! …
  3. Plan well. …
  4. Be consistent.
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How do you talk to a guru?

Once you feel an answer in the heart, call to the guru deeply, ‘Introduce me to God. ‘” You may also ask him any clear question at the spiritual eye, and afterwards try to feel his answer in your heart chakra. Again, it’s an intuitive, subtle, silent dialogue.

Can you awaken Kundalini without yoga?

The truth is, there’s no one answer to this question. For some, a Kundalini awakening can happen after years of cultivating a spiritual practice, doing Kundalini yoga, meditating, etc. But just as well, it can happen spontaneously, with no prior training.

Where can I find Himalayas guru?

No one can access this place. Only Yogis can find it and the one who has a karmic connection with this place. This place cannot be discovered by Modern Satellites and Mapping Technology.

Can we have two gurus?

You can have as many gurus as you like. It depends on what basis you have selected your gurus, or even to get more closer to the question, how did they select you. If they did not, then you don’t have a guru, you have influencers and you can have as many influencers as you like and follow.

How do you know a true guru?

As per Bapu, the Guru as mentioned in such a context must be symbolic of:

  1. The colour blue – he must have the vastness of the sky. …
  2. The colour red – of bravery, love and patience. …
  3. Green – for internal and external prosperity and his Shiv Sankalpa (determined effort) for the welfare of others.
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Who is the best guru in India?

The list

  • A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (1 September 1896 – 14 November 1977)
  • Abhinavagupta (c. 950 – 1020)
  • Adi Shankara (c. …
  • Advaita Acharya (1434–1539)
  • Agastyar (3rd millennium BCE)
  • Akka Mahadevi (c.1130 – 1160), Kannada literature.
  • Alvar Saints (700–1000)
  • Anandamayi Ma (30 April 1896{snd}}27 August 1982)